H1B Extension only 1 year even if 3 yr client letter


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Hello Experts,


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I am with my employer since 2008 and I am with my client also since 2008.

I always get 3 year client letter from them and so far I was given 3 years H-1 Extensions.

This year also I gave 3 year client letter but  my H-1 is approved only for 1 year.

Also My 140 is approved since 2010.


Isnt that convincing that I have never changed employer\client, 140 approved and current 3 years client letter? Why 1 year?


Why USCIS officer's mood is my fate? What is the law here?? My employer says to accept this as we cant do anything here but I want an answer from USCIS. What is the right way to approach them? Please advice. Thanks a lot.

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