H1 B visa for husband and F1 for wife


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I am student on F1 visa graduated on Jan 2016 and my OPT is not yet started and currently in India. My husband H1B got picked in 2016 lottery. As I did not receive my OPT card yet, I am planning to go visa stamping with my husband along with my baby as H4 dependents and travel together to USA. Later convert my H4 visa status to F1 OPT and work.

I am not sure abt this possibility, please suggest us which would be the best way to be eligible to work in USA for both.

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I thank you for replying. I have another issue with my OPT. I have applied my first OPT on Dec 2015 and recieved RFE in March 24th 2016 stating that I need to submit additional documents for changing the university at very beginning of classes started. I had submitted all the required documents in three days and the latest my case status shows that "we have recieved your case on March 28th of 2016 and our Vermont office would work on it.

I came to India for family emergencies and still the OPT case status shows the samething. I am worried whether my case on right track or need to take any action.

Please suggest me best thing I can do and what all documents I have to carry to be in safer side for immigration check.

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