I-485 RFE due to I-94 dates


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Family Size: 2 Adults, 3 Kids

Primary sent H-1B approval valid till Feb 2014 to other family to join in USA

H-1B & H4 extensions filed properly and approved: 2015 and 2016 

I-485 filing Date: Jan 2015


3 of us Me, my wife and one kid have got approved I-485 and GC. But other two Kids got RFEs due to initial I-94 "Admit Until" date issueFor the two kids having RFE following are details of I-94 "Admit Until" date


Kid 1: Does not have any "Admit Until" date mentioned on it, only thing written there is "H-4" in class. We checked online in their electronic system and found they have internally assumed a date till 2012 in their system but actual card does not have any text or date mentioned.


Kid 2: I-94 has Admit Until date till April 2013. Later we filed his H4 extensions in Feb 2014 and 2015 properly.

My wife and one kid who got approved have proper "Admit Until" date till Feb 2014.
Please help us to find best solution in this matter.
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