URGENT: Expired passport for Fingerprinting

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Can we go to the fingerprinting appointment with an expired passport? That is the only form of identification the OP has at the moment apart from the birth certificate from the country of birth. Will that be honored as identification.


Thoroughly misled by the attorney in the present case. Before applying for GC the attorney mentioned to wait for renewal of the passport and it is completely fine with applying for GC with an expired passport.


Now after the OP received the fingerprinting appointment, the attorney says that she is not sure if an expired passport is going to be considered as valid identification and suggested calling the center.


Called up the number on the USCIS notice but they said, they cant give out any information in this regards and suggested to show up to the appointment with what the OP has.


Please let us know if an expired passport would be considered for fingerprinting. If not what are the options?



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