Travel to home country while pending H4 & in-process H1B


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Hello all,

I have two i797 approvals filed by two employers. I have a stamped H1B Visa for the first one valid until September 2016 but no stamp for the latest i797 approval valid until 2018.

I recently got laid off and hence I applied for COS to H4 a few days after, through my spouse's company. The application has been submitted but still in process. Meanwhile I received an offer letter from a company and they will file the new H1B petition next week or so. I've a few questions that I'd like to get some clarification.

1.) Can I travel to my home country before the new H1B approval comes in?


Is it recommended that I travel once I receive the new H1B approval as the H4 application may have been denied or automatically gotten revoked?

2.) If I can travel now, do I have to carry any documents other than my offer letter, LCA copy, passport with visa?


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