Changing Job--> Max Out H1B --> I-140


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Dear All-
I am in my 6th year of H1B (6 years will end by Jan 2016).
Currently my I-140 has been approved and based on that I got the H1B extension till Jan 2018.
If I want to switch to a new employer then,
1) What will be the H1B petition expiry for new employer, will I still get it till Jan 2018? If not then how will the petition’s validity be evaluated? 
2) Assuming my H1B transfer with new employer is completed and I get the H1B transfer petition valid till Jan 2018, and then if my previous employer revokes I-140 then will the new transfer H1B petition with my future employer be void/invalid?
3) How soon new employer will need to initiate my new GC process (like PERM and then I-140)

Sincere Thanks and Looking Forward!!

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