Gap between Current h4 i94 Expiry Date and New Start Date on Extension Approval


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I am currently under H4 status with a different I94 expiry date (09/05/2016) from my husband's H1B (09/30/2016). This is because my husband changed employer in 2014 and when the new company applied his H1B transfer, they did not file H4 concurrently. 


Earlier this month, the company filed my husband's H1B extension and my H4 extension with premium processing. The approval states the validity period from 10/01/2016 to 09/30/2019. 


This leaves a gap of 25 days for my H4 (from 09/06/2016 to 09/30/2016). We consulted the attorney if I will be out of status for the 25 days. And she said since the USCIS approved my status extension, I should not be worried since my status will be extended to the new expiration date (09/30/2019). 


However, I am concerned because the validity period does have a start date - in my case, the new start date is 10/01/2016, 25 days past my current I94 expiry date.  Therefore, I am here to seek more professional advice. 


Meanwhile, is it possible for us to contact USCIS explaining the issue and having them amend the extension approval with a new start date of 09/06/2016. 


Please help. Thank you in advance. 

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