H1B amendment pending and change of client


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Hi All,


I am working for a client A since Sept. 2015 via my current employer and since it was a location change before I started working for client A, my employer had filed an LCA and H1B amendment for the current location. Surprisingly, I have not received any results on my filed amendment as of today. Also, it is to be noted that I couldn't produce the client letter when my amendment was filed; however I have a client letter now if we have to respond to RFE. 


I have an offer from another client B at another location which I am willing to join at the earliest.


Option 1:

1) Can my current employer start LCA and H1B amendment for this new client B without waiting for any result from previous pending amendment?

2) If yes, Incase I receive an RFE on previous pending amendment; how it shall be responded?

3) If response to that RFE is not accepted by USCIS and application is rejected, what happens to my current filed amendment?


Option 2:

1) Can I change my employer (as I am not very happy with my current employer); file/transfer H1B to new employer and start working for Client B? (I found the offer with Client B on my own)

2) If yes, how will I take care of point 2 from Option 1


Thank you.

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