Sevis Release 6.26 deployed on May 13th or not?


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I am waiting for the Sevis Release 6.26 which is scheduled to deploy on May 13th 2016.


My university DSO is saying that they are still not able to see the new features in Sevis to update my Sevis for 7 Month OPT extension and they are recommending me to apply for the 7 month opt extension without I-20.


But when I see in the USICS website they said that the 17month OPT deadline is May 23rd for that category, but my OPT 17 month deadline is on oct 27th that is on or before May 30th 2016 I have to apply for the extension.


So can I submit the 7 month opt extension without I-20 now, does I fall in that category since new Sevis features are unavailable yet? or shall I wait until next week and see whether my university DSO can update my Sevis or not??






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