H1B visa expired. Currently on L1 . What are the steps for future potential employer for filing H1B visa application?


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Hi there,


I have H1B visa expired but time remaining. I am currently on L1 with the same company which originally did my H1B.


I understand I can switch to another company on H1B visa without going through lottery again. My future potential employer is asking what the process will be like if they do move forward with considering me for the role.


So the question is if I have an approved H1B petition and H1B is expired but time remaining, what would be the process for the new employer to file an H1B visa application for me. 


I will appreciate if you can point out the steps in detail, and parties that would need to be involved. Finally what would be the cost for the employer ? Is it possible for me to bear that cost to assure the employer that they don't have any additional risk/cost associated when considering me versus a US citizen. 



Will appreciate your response!



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