Employment based GC - Which Criteria will be fit - EB2 or EB3?

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Hello folks, My wife completed MBBS from India and currently doing her medical residency (on H1B cap exempt) in US - she will be completing her medical residency next year (3 years on cap exempt H1B).

1) I have heard that next year if she finds a job in a for profit based hospital then she will have to move in the 65,000 lottery quota and not the 20,000 - as her MBBS and then medical residency is considered as bachelors and not US maters - is this correct.

2) Consider she gets into H1B profit based hospital and then the hospital allows he to process PERM, would she be applying PERM in EB2 or EB3. 

3) If she fits in EB3 - based on point number 2 above - how can she move to EB2 category - what studies does she need to move her to EB2 category.

Thanks for all your help.

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