Need clarification - H1b Renewal & International Travel


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Hello Everyone,


Currently I have a valid I-797 and US Visa valid till Sept 30th, 2016. However, my employer has applied for a renewal of H1-B/I-797 since we are within 6 months of current 797 expiry. I have received the receipt notice that the application was received by USCIS. I am wondering if I can go on an international/personal trip while my H1b renewal is in process? I am planning to leave in June and come back during the second week of July. My question is while the H1b/I-797 is up for renewal - Is my current I-797 still valid?


This is was I was planning to do


1) Renewal is not approved. I will use by current I-797 and Visa at POE


2) Renewal is approved, I will have our attorney ship the original I-797 to India, and use the same during POE when I arrive.


Please advise.




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