Successful H1B visa renew in Vancouver


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I want to share the interview experience in Vancouver for H1B stamp. This is my 7th year on H1B, I got my first H1B stamp in 2009, so went after 6 years to get stamped again. I got my Canadian PR landing document couple of days before the interview.


Have your passport and I797 handy at the first checkpoint.

I didn't take my phone with me or anything like that. I guess they will provide boxes, but I don't want to waste any time there

At second point the documents including passport, photos, I-797 are verified and some general questions were asked. I got my landing document for Canadian PR, so they asked me couple of questions about the PR. 

At third point they will do fingerprints. 

Now after this we waited for almost 15 mins before the officer call the number for the real interview. 


When our turn came, the officer greeted us and we( me and my wife) handed our passport and I797. She asked us 4-5 questions regarding 

my job duties (I was going to talk about those, but officer was interested in just job title)

VO asked me when was last time I got visa stamp, my salary, asked me if somebody filed I140 on my behalf, asked couple of questions to my wife regarding her job, education, etc.


VO didn't asked me for any document. It was sigh of relief when VO said visa is will get passport in 3 5 business days. 


Got our visa 2 days after the interview.


Went to Canada post to collect the passport. We recently moved so our application has new address, but my driver licence still shows old address, so make sure have some document ready to show the new address.

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