What should "detailed statement of purpose" and "specific itinerary" contain?


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I came in usa as masters student. After years of waiting for a stable job, now i want my parents to visit me. They had applied visitors visa for my grad walk 3 times, but they were refused. Now, they have applied for the same visitors visa. They will sponsor for themselves, same as last time.

They have mentioned in the visa form as 6 weeks of stay in usa (July to August, 2016). But, now, their application has been put on hold by raising 221(g). I had submitted the most of the required documents, after 221g was raised. But, the consulate asked for even more documents.

2 of those are,

1) Purpose: A detailed statement of the purpose of your visit to the U.S.

2) Itinerary:  An itinerary of all locations you will visit in the U.S., including dates, contact names, organizations, addresses, and telephone numbers.


My concern is, 

1) If I want my parents simply to visit me here, what should my "detailed statement of purpose" should contain?

2) I do not have specific plans to take them to specific places, because the specific dates of when they can come (owing to visa issues and holiday problems) is not decided yet. If I mention, specific dates of visiting places for 6 weeks, will their 1st visit be restricted to 6 weeks strictly? How should I mention the specific itinerary, if I have no specific plans.

3) As per original plans, the intended date of entry was mentioned as 10th July, but now with such delay in the visa process (date of interview was 7th April), coming on 10th July, does not seem to be possible. Should I mention the itinerary plan starting from July end? 

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What does "visiting you" mean?

Are they going to sit in your apartment all day while you are working?

Visitors come to the US for tourism. If they specified certain months, that implies that they know which places they would visit and have already booked hotels, etc. Why else would they want a visa for traveling these particular months?

Without that, it looks as if there is something going on they are not telling, like helping in the household, which is not allowed for visitors.

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. 1.The problem in this OP is previous refusal based presumably on either college credibility or use of VISA Agents with stereotyped answers.

Most of us understand that folks from back home will stay with us for the duration of the visit with side trips to visit other relatives.


2. Talk to the firm of Murthy in Chennai.

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