221 g cleared, passport submission request, H-1B visa delayed!_mumbai consulate


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Hope someone can shed light on my dilemma if he/she has gone through the same experience.


Mumbai consulate

OFC date: 14th April, 2016

Visa interview date: 15th April, 2016

Got 221g and was asked to submit the documents including the invitation letter, CV.

Docs submitted via email: 16th April, 2016

Received an email from Mumbai consulate on 4th May, 2016 for the passport request stating my administrative processing is over. There were 12 total barcode numbers got cleared.

Submitted passport: 5th May, 2016.

Kept on checking the update. within five days of submitting passport, all 11 barcodes got the status "ISSUED:" except Mine.

It has been 10 days now but still the status on CEAC is "Administrative processing". After submission of my passport on 5th May, the status date got updated twice, on eon the 6th May and the 10th May but it is still "AP"


This is so frustrating. I was told visa stamping takes 2-3 days post 221g clearance and passport request. Plus all other cases got issued except mine. No one is answering what's going on except the standard reply which you already know. waiting sucks.


Anyone is/was in the same boat? How long did it take you get visa stamped after 221g clearance?



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Hi res_23,

Some what similar is going in my case and would really appreciate if you can let me know whether your case was approved and the timeline. 

I was asked to submit the passport after routine Adm. Process. of 20 days on 18th May. I submitted the passport on 19th and the CEAC status date was updated on 20th after the consulate received my passport, with the status still displaying AP. After that the status date again changed on 24th i.e. yesterday but the status is still displaying AP. I was expecting that it will be changed to issued and I can pick my passport today but none of that happened. Were you able to find out the reason why they keep handling the passport but do not process it?

Please let me know if you have any information. 

Thanks a ton!

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