question converting from F2 to F1 and entering the US


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I'm currently on F-1 visa under STEM OPT extension category.  My wife, who currently is on F-2 visa, has received an admit for MS program at a university.  She has thus gone to India to apply and get her F-1 visa. 


I have the following queries related to this, any suggestion/advice will be very helpful !


1)  If she gets her F-1 visa approved (she is yet to schedule her visa interview), will her F-2 visa be cancelled ? 


2) If her F-1 visa gets approved and if the F-2 visa does not get cancelled, can she enter the US under F-2 visa and start studying since she will have a F-1 also ?  The reason I'm interested in knowing this is - if she has to enter the US via F-1 visa, then she can do so utmost 30 days prior to the college start date.  And, I'm trying to see if she can enter the US prior to that 30 day limit.  And to do so, I am wondering if she can enter through F-2 and just start going to school because she has F-1.   I am certain this might be conflicting, since, if she enters via F-2, her I-94 will record her as a F-2 visa holder and that might complicate things.  However, I just wanted to ask this anyway. 


Thank you very much. 

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