Will I still be considered under 20,000 Cap?


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Hi All,


I would appreciate if you could please answer my questions.


I graduated from US university in 2005 and got H1B in 2007. I returned to India after few months. I do not know what is the status of my H1B is till now. Has it been cancelled?


I can reapply for a H1B? If yes, Will my petition be considered under 20,000 cap?



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adshah84 and pontevecchio for your reply.


Let me put my situation as under:


I graduated with Masters from USA in 2005. I got H1B in July 2006. I worked for 2 months on H1B and in Feb 2007, I came back to India. It has been 9 years since I have been in India. Now, if I apply for H1B will I still be considered under 20,000 cap or cap-exempted quota?


Please reply with your comments.




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