H1B extension and Passport renewal.


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I have my H1B valid till Aug 2016 and my employer is ready to apply for the extension next week. I am going to India this November and have to go for stamping. 

My passport is expiring in May-2017. I cannot renew my passport before may-25, 2016. I have to get new passport before I go for stamping. 

I am thinking of applying for H1B extension with the current passport(which still has one year validity) and will apply for the passport renewal after H1B extension is approved and that too before going to India. 

Do you see issue in getting new passport after the extension? Has anyone gone through similar situation? 

- Thanks in advance
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Hi ,


I have H1B stamped on my passport and it was valid from Oct 2008- Sep 2011.i haven't travelled to US on my H1B that time. Can I use that H1B visa for a cap Exemption if my employer wants to file my H1B now. Appreciate your quick response.


Thanks , Amit Bansal


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