Employment Terminated, Grace Period until May 30th, have questions about H1


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Hi Experts,


I am coming back to you'll for advise again this time about a different friend. 


Scenario: H1 employee, Laid off, termination is on May 30th. Another 23 days to go. He is a PhD from US university in the field of material sciences. 



1. Can the employer terminate the H1 with a future termination date. 

2. Can he apply for a H1 transfer as late as May 30th. Technically how late can he apply.

3. Once his H1 transfer is initiated, can he stay in US without working until the new employment date.

4. His Green card is under processing with current priority date (applied under EB2 category). Indian Citizen with foreign country of birth.  and already received employment based EAD card and Advance Parole. expecting i-140 processing to finish this month. Filed 485 concurrently. How will that be impacted




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Than you for the quick response, I have two more questions, maybe because  do not understand so much technicality. 

1. Since the GC filing is employer based, will the termination have impact on the i-140 processing.

2. The GC filing was was concurrent, if the i-140 gets approved, and during the i-485 process, can the applicant stay without a job on the ead, since he would not have gotten his GC

3. Will the termination of employment have impact on his i-485 processing.


Sorry if I have repeated any questions. 




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