Business opportunity during the OPT period under F1-Visa.


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Hi All,
As an opt student having a full time job, I would like to become an entrepreneur. However, I have a couple of questions before I kickoff my interests.

1. Since my business will be done online and also world wide (but can say 90% of customers will be USA based), is it beneficial/right (legally) to start an Company/LLC/Corporation in USA or in my home country (Country of Citizenship) or off shore?

2. Based on where I will be setting up my company/LLC/Corporation, what are all the legal filings/registrations I would have to go through in both my home country (country of citizenship) and the countries that my business is connected with (in this case, USA)? 

I know this can be exhaustive as I have been exploring the options, so I would appreciate it if you could point me in a right direction where I can research more or culminate.

Note: I would still like to continue in my current full time job (maybe for a while), while I am exploring my interests.

Thanks in advance.

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On OPT, you can ONLY work in an area that is related to your degree.

Once the OPT is over, you can not work for the business if you are in the US. It doesn't matter where the business is located. Your status in the US determines if you can work for that business.

F1/OPT allows you to work for a business, including your own business, if the job is related to your degree.

Other statuses, e.g., H1, H4 etc do not allow you to work for your own business. So,once your OPT is over, you would have to shut down the business or leave the country and run the business from your home country.

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