Cos denied from b/b2 to f1


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This is the situation I am in.

Applied for f1 in November 2nd 2015 with a i20 start sate of November 9th 2015. And my i94 was expiring on December 25 2015.

Got a denial back from uscis on April 27th 2016.

The reason they stated was according to sevis record school start date is mar 26 2016 and i94 expired dec 25 2015 and there is a gap of more the 30 days from i94 expiring

But we have a i94 signed by the school staying classes starting nov 9th before my i94 expired

When we went back to the school to see why sevis has March 25th start date but i20 has nov 9th

They said they have to defer the dates to the next semester if uscis has not approved the f1 by nov 9th to keep the i2 active on the sevis databases and that's how sevis has the March 25th date

So my question is do I have a chance of appeal


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