N400 Jurisdiction After State Change. Any Relation With Fed Tax Return State


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After I filed my N400 way back in July 15 from Dallas TX I had to move to ND which Later on I found to my ( misfortune?) is serviced by MN Field Off.A FO backlogged compared to DAL & where Infopass is closed.But by that time I ALREADY changed my n400 appl. address to ND at the behest of USCIS CS. 
Q) was this essential ? or can I reverse address change back to TX while still keeping AR11 in ND will it help or its too late now. 
Q) USCIS.gov says 
""If an applicant claims residence in more than 1 State, resi. for purposes of naturalization will be determined by location from which applicant’s annual fed. tax returns have been & are being filed" 
I have not filed '15 tax returns.Though My '15 W2 has ND address & I'd be filing ND state returns, I can still state my TX address in Fed Tax returns. Will this help in keeping TX & avoiding phy. file transfer which can delay my application further. 
Q)If I get i'view in TX & IO tells me "You filed N400( or AR11) from ND.Case will transfer to MN.Wait 2-3mnts more". Can I show my Fed Tax returns w/ TX address & will above clause help me retain I'view & Oath in TX. I still travel to TX wk/month. '14 Fed & state returns from TX. 

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