H1 B switch from profit to non profit and switching back to profit organization in future


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I have a question in regards to switching my H1B Visa from profit organization to a non profit organization, would there be a new H1B that needs to be applied by the npo and what happens to the existing H1B visa that i already have. Would it be carried over if i plan to switch back to a profit organization in future as i still have 2 more years left on the current H1B visa.


Any suggestions or help in regards to the above questions would be very helpful.



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Thanks for the reply JoeF, so once i switch to the Non profit organization can i switch back to the profit organization and still have my 2 years carried over from my already existing H1B.


1) My current H1B visa expires on May 2017. So switching to the NPO will it have to be a new H1B filing or is it going to be a transfer?


2) If it is going to be a new H1B then would i still have 2 years left once i make the switch to the NPO or would the 6 years quota not been done until i switch back to a profit organization? 

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