I-20 and admission Terminated


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Hi All,


Am posting this for my friend..


My friend came here on F1 visa ( 15 days ago), after orientation he asked the university to transfer to different university but they cancel his admission and revoked his I-20. He is still trying to find the reason for cancel...




1. Is he out of status, if yes grace period to leave the country ?

2. Can he join another university ( with new I-20), if yes he need to leave the county ?


any help really useful in this situation..







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Both universities are not fake..


Actually he got F1 on current university ( he was waiting until last minute for another university I-20) after he came to USA he received the another university i-20. he just asked about the transfer nothing else.   


what options he have ???

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Today My friend received the email from university about SEVIS Termination.  in email they mention "not successfully maintained your F-1 Student status" but he enrolled and pay the fee.


what about his status, he has to leave immediately or any grace period ?

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There is no grace period.

And this "waiting for another I-20" until the last minute is, quite frankly, BS.

Nobody does that kind of stuff. Once he commits to one university, he has committed to it. The only exception I can see is if he got admission to a top school like Stanford, MIT, or similar. But then he wouldn't have problems...

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