H4 Visa stamping in Cannada


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Hello Everyone,


I am currently on h1 visa and want to get h4 visa. The current wait time to get change of status to H4 from or within US is huge. To avoid that I want to get my h4 visa stamped. This is not the first time I am planning to switch to H4 visa. Previously I have had changed my status within US itself from H1 to H4 and then back to H1. 


1) How risky is it to get h4 stamped in Canada? Please note I have never had h4 stamped on passport before, but I have had change of status to H4 priorly. I have 2 H1's stamped on my passport though.


2) Also if you go on H4 does your H1B clock stop ticking?


Please help.




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