H1B Notice Liquidated Damages


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Please find below, 
It is agreed between the parties that no exact measure of the damages to be caused to ABC by breach of this agreement can be determined. For the purpose of liquidating the amount of said damages, and not as a penalty, in addition to and cumulative with not exhaustive of any other rights and remedies available to ABC, it is agreed that in case of breach of contract without consulting as an adequate remedy at law. These liquidated damages shall equal 30,000 USD. The liquidated damages shall be collected by ABC from your wages, bonus, or any other payment which ABC owes you, otherwise owed to you. 

Does it mean i do not have to pay any money out of pocket as liquidated damages? 

Does it mean ABC cannot file a lawsuit against me for liquidated damages? 

Does it mean that ABC will deduct any amount they owe me before returning the balance if any?

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Just calling it liquidated damages doesn't necessarily make it liquidated damages.

For example, they would have to justify the number. What damages would they have that amounts to $30K? Further, the longer you work there, the less it should become, since you earn money for them.

Have that contract checked by a labor lawyer and an immigration lawyer.

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