H1-b Stamping

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My H1-b is valid till Nov  2017 , I am planning to go to India to get my stamping, I have a situation here.


I got 2 DUI records on me which is been resolved now tho , but I am really concerned if this will cause an issue if I go to India to get my stamping  done, I have seen in few forums that your h1-b will be revoked if you have a DUI , but you will get to know only when you go to India is that true? if you need to come back I need to apply for a new H1-b is that true?, is there some place I check my Status regarding this? , because of this I dint go to India for 4 years.


Also I just joined a Govt company recently, which did by back ground check which was cleared.


Please advise is it safe to go to India to get my stamping done?




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