OPT RFE address in sevis issue


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I have received opt rfe to give the below

1) Employment history (I have w2, payroll, with me)
2) your address on sevis does not match with the address on offer letter, provide explanation (I had sent offer letter given to me 1yr ago along with stem opt application)

Background :- I am working with 1 employer since 1yr, till date. Initially, my employer has give some temporary address as my location on the offer letter (say address A), but I updated a different address in university (say address B). 

And later I moved to client location, and updated that location in university, (say address C)

Now in query, I was asked why does offer letter has different address (A). I am not sure if he is comparing with current address © or old address (B).

I never actually reported address A, it was just on that old offer letter.


Please provide me with your suggestions.

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