Labor approval received after deputation to India

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I am working for Indian company A on H1B and recently relocated back from USA to India on deputation. 


I applied for future based labor through company B (in USA) before deputation to India. Fortunately we received Labor approval. I have only 15 days left on my H1B to complete 6 years in USA.


What is the best way to utilize my Labor appproval to comeback to USA? 

Can I apply for 1 year H1B extension through company B using Labor approval?

any suggestions pls?

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Remember GC is always for a future position and location. You can stay in India and your employer can still apply for I140. 

You can get your h1 extended for a year if you want to come back but this is not needed to utilze your Perm approval. 


Please note that this is not legal advise

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