H1b Transfer when the current transfer is in progress


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I have my Visa till Aug, 2016(3 more months - I94 also valid till Aug2016) with my Previous Employer(Company A) but he revoked my H1B petetion once i moved to a new Employer(Company B) in Jan, 2016.
New Employer(Company B) is doing H1 transfer and has been filed the my petition in Normal Processing. The status of this transfer is in progress.
At this situation, currently I got Good offer from another employer(Company C) and they are ready to do my H1B transfer in premium processing.

Had Visa & I94 - Aug, 2016 with company A petition
Company A Petition Revoked in Mar, 2016
Company B petition is in progress from Jan, 2016

My Questions are :
1. Is this good to do a transfer(B to C) when the current transfer(A to B) is in progress and old petition is revoked?
2. Company A revoked the petition and Company B petition is in progress. Will this affect the new transfer (company C) ?
3. Is my visa valid if old petition is revoked and current petition is in progress ?

Need reply as soon as possible. Please help me...

Thanks in advance

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Hi Adshah,
Company C Petition status updated as 'RFE' because they need response on the RFE of Company B. Can you please let me know what are all the chances now ?
1. Company B withdraw their petition ?
2. Company B responded to the RFE on time ?
3. Company B not responded to the RFE on time ?


What will happen in this suitation. Please reply.
Any suggestion/reply are welcome

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