Bench time not being paid and no paystub


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Hi Friends,


I am on H1B visa I been working with my employer for over a year now. I am on bench for 2 weeks now and my employer didn't run payroll and no pay. I am usually paid bi-weekly, my last received pay stub was dated April 15, 2016 (up to April 2). 


He puts me on different projects and this time it took a little longer to get a project (last day on project Apr 1, 2016 and the April 15 pay stub included pay period up to April 2). 


I am actively looking out for new project in which case my employer may consider paying (least possible) or try get full time job and transfer my visa. I am not sure how much time I have to keep trying to find a new employer


My current visa is due to expire in October this year. My employer just mentioned that I do not work for him anymore even though verbally and H1 is good until October (assuming he doesn't revoke or anything).


Please provide any suggestions as to how I should go about making him pay me and run pay roll during bench time.



Thanks in advance,



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