URGENT Need help regarding H4 Stamping


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Dear Experts,


I am working on H1B Visa in US and my family (wife and son) is in India at present.

My Wife has recently got her Visa Stamped via her employer in India and she is planning to travel in coming days. Whereas my son has H4 Visa stamped with principal applicant as me and that visa is valid till 14th June 2016. At the same time my Extension is in process wherein I have not included my son's H4 Extension along with me as he was in India that point of time.


Given above scenario - Can we go for H4 Stamping for my son via my wife as the principal applicant (as she is holding H1B as well) in India ? Though current H4 Visa stamp is still in Validity with me as the principal applicant till 14th June. Will there be any issue going for this ? Also does drop box option holds good in this scenario ? My son age is less than 2 years.


If above is not advisable, then should I let my son travel on existing H4 Visa and then apply for H4 Extension via my employer before his visa gets expires (14th June), though I am not sure, if that is possible even as my extension is already in WIP at present.


Request you to please advise as early as possible. Thank you.




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