status terminated and travelled back while in reinstatement. need help in returning to usa


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when i first reached my university i am a late admission student and i got a letter from the university, a professor said he cant help me in submitting the assignmemts which are lassed due date even before i got registerd, i met the head of the department and he suggested me to take incomplete and i followed as per their instructions. professor said i may not need to attend the tests as i applied for incomplete, i followed so but my sevis got terminated for illegal reduce of course load and i have applied for reinstatememt. between the reinstatememt period i travelled out of country on my father's death and now want to go back to usa to another college.

what can i do and

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You can't just "go back to another college".

Universities have application deadlines. And most universities only accept starts in Fall, and the application deadlines are likely already over.

Once you get an I-20 from the university, you can go for a new F1 visa stamping.

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