Visitor Visa For Fiancée Mother


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Hi , my fiancée mother has applied for a Vistor Visa in Guatemala and her interview is coming up in May. My fiancée and I would like for his mother to attend our wedding June. My question is what documents will she need to take to her interview . I have written her an invitation letter to invite her to our wedding. As far as money to have for her trip my fiancée sends his mother money every week and will be covering the cost of her plane tickets if she's approved for a visa. I was told that I need to send a letter of employment to his mom to take on here interview . Is a letter of employment needed by me or my fiancée mom?

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For a visitor visa, the important thing is that the person can convince the officer that he/she will return to the home country.

There also is the issue of who is paying for the trip.

Your employment should not matter. Who told her that your salary info would be needed?

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My fiancée mom is saying the embassy in Guatemala is asking for letter of employment from me. My fiancée sends his mother money on weekly basis. She can show the embassy that she has money to take her trip even though we are paying for her plane tickets and providing her place to stay if she come to visit .I had written her a invitation letter to show the embassy the purpose of her trip. We just trying figure out what exactly does she need so she will be prepared for her interview coming up in May.

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