B2 Visa with approved i-130 (but no longer interested in immigrating)


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I seek help on B2 visa for parents who also have approved I-130 (F4 category) filed in year 2003 . Recently they were denied B2 visa on grounds of immigration intent. Their B2 visa application stated fact on their I-130 with explanation that they no longer wish to immigrate to US and they are fine with withdrawal of approved I-130 petition. (for which visa priority dates are also current). Three questions.


1. Can chances of getting B2 visa be improved by voluntarily withdrawing I-130 petition, which beneficiary is no longer interested in? 

2. As a beneficiary, can they request voluntary withdrawal of I-130 petition, (if original petitioner does not co-operate)?   

3. Will the history of immigration petition (provided it's revoked successfully) cause any issues on subsequent applications for B2 visa? or one has to carry burden for the rest of the life?


I would really appreciate some help on this. Thank you.

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