O-1 visa case evaluation


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I was wondering if anyone could give an opinion on my credentials to qualify for an O-1 visa. I am employed in a industrial research position and though I've applied for H1B, my lawyer believes I didn't qualify for the 2017 lottery this year. My OPT ends this July and I need to get the O-1 for staying and working here. 


1. PhD in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in biomechanics and robotics from top 20 school. 2 years additional postdoc from a top 20 school as well. 

2. 7 peer reviewed journal papers. 1 journal in review. 7 conference papers published. 

3. 1 book chapter in review. 

3. 49 citations (~ 20 independent citations). 

4. Reviewer of 4 journal papers, numerous conference papers. 

5. Solid reference letters from 9 faculty members from Europe, Asia and USA. 4 completely anonymous.


Any help would be really appreciated.  

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