Incorrect information in I485

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My I-130 was approved while my spouse was a US Green card. After she became US citizen if filed for my I-485 and I-765.


I received USCIS receipt notice for I-485 but that has my name spelled out incorrectly and with preference classification F2A instead of immediate relative with old priority date of I-130.


Since my spouse is US citizen now not sure why it is still showing incorrect classification and priority date as it should be current. 


I called USCIS to correct this, they just created a Task for this and asked me to wait 30 days. even after 30 days there is no update.


I am not sure what to do. how to correct this? Should i send letter to USCIS again with copy of my spouse's naturalization certificate and US passport? Please advice, I need to have this corrected ASAP.


Thank you.

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