Applying EIN while on H1B Visa - DSPD Purposes


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Hi All,


I have a peculiar case here. My autistic son was eligible for DSPD Respite care services (Dept of Services for Persons with Disabilities) through the Utah State govt and funded by the Federal.


As part of the respite care services i will be the employer, who needs to find a employee willing to provide respite services to my son. DSPD has allocated funds for my son for a year and the funds will be paid by the Govt through the fiscal agent (third party company For running payrolls etc) to the employee. I am just responsible for filling timesheets and sending to my service coordinator and the fiscal agency. DSPD has also appointed a service coordinator who will take care of all the paperworks to get things started and all my activities will be monitored by coordinator. Support coordinator was bringing the paperwork today and i was supposed to enter EIN and my SSN in one of the forms. I was not aware if i can apply for EIN since i am on H1B Visa. So posting in this forum. 


Please let me know.




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