How to decide H4 start date while submitting H1B to H4(COS)


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Hi All, 


My wife is on H1B visa right now and going to file H4 COS and I need your help in deciding the start date of H4 while filing the form i539.


Right now she is on bench, and her last day of bech period - 04/27/2016.

Her paid leaves will start from 04/28/2016 to 05/16/2016.

Then unpaid leaves will start from 05/17/2016 to 06/15/2016.


Her H1B is valid till 06/15/2016 and extension is not filed.


So, considering her last paid leave ends on 05/16/2016, what should be the start date of H4? Should it be 05/17/2016 or 06/16/2016?




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