Is it Ok to change employers in my situation: H1-B 5th year, I-140 approved


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Hi All,


I'm currently on H1-B visa with my 2nd 3 year in progress (first was from Oct 2011 - Sep 2014). This validity is from Oct 2014 - Sep 2017. I've my visa stamped in my passport.


I also have approved I-140 (approval in Jan 2016 with priority date of May 2015 - EB2 category.


I'm currently with Employer A. If I get a offer from Employer B, what are the next steps and points to be considered before accepting offer from Employer B.


Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Thanks a lot!


Best Regards,


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B can file a three year extension of H1 up to 6 months before September, 2017. Once approved then resign from A and join B. I-140 revocation will not affect the 3 year H1 extension and that gives you time.


Why would this "6months before sep 2017?" is that rule that in last 6 months we should not change employers? could you please clarify?

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