Paper file for Combo Card - Anything I should be aware of?


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Hi All,


I have always e-filed for my combo card (EAD/AP) in the past. It's time to renew and I find that they've discontinued the electronic filing process. BUMMER!!


So my question is what is the best process to follow the paper filing process so that I get my card without any hassle and create less confusion for the folks at the USCIS. 


Some basic questions to help initiate a response:


1. Do I paper file my i-765 and i-131 to the same location where I send my i-765 application?


2. Do I have to send 4 (2 + 2) photographs with my applications?


3. Do I have to send 2 ( 1 + 1) checks/money orders for each application?


4. My cover letter, should I specify in bold that I want the combo card.


5. There is no provision to provide multiple previous EAD/AP filings on paper form? Do I need to provide that in a separate page?


Thank you for the response.

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