Same company, different role: How to explain in RFE for I-485


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EB-3: India.


I started off as a Software Engineer 9 years ago when my company applied for my labor and GC. Since then I have moved up through various roles within the same company - Program Management, Business Development, and currently work as a Sr. Product Marketing Manager. Mine and my wife's I-485 application under EB3 finally became current and we are now eligible to receive our GCs. However as the last step USCIS has sent me an RFE with this specific language:


"Submit a currently dated letter or other evidence from your intended permanent employer that indicates your current position, if any, your proffered position, the date you began employment and the proffered salary or wage. The letter must indicate whether the terms and conditions of the employment-based immigrant visa petition (or labor certification) continues to exist."


I read the above as USCIS asking the company to explain that I am employed in a role which still utilizes the same skillset, educational background and justification as that required for my original Software Engineer job per the approved I-140.


- Am I interpreting this right?

- Have any of you been in a similar boat and gotten the company to craft this letter correctly? If so, can you please share your experience and possibly a template of the letter?


After almost 10 years of waiting I want to make sure I get my company to craft this letter correctly. My lawyer seems clueless. Thanks in advance for the help.

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