H1B Stamping with old petitioner details


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Recently I changed my employer from A to B and started working for the new employer. I came to India and went for H1B visa stamping for employer B. In DS160 I mentioned petition details of employer B. In the interview the officer asked me for my old petition (A) and then approved my visa. The old petition was valid until end of this year.


When I received my passport I saw the stamp was based on my old petition and not the new one. End date is also based on my old petition (A). I am not sure if I can travel with this visa stamp to US. I have to travel in another 9 days. Please guide me. I contacted VFS and they asked me to send scanned copy of visa, petition A and petition B. I am worried about the time it would take to get it corrected, as I have to travel soon.


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