I-94 expiring + COS H4 TO F1

Scoobie Doo

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I am presently on an H4 and lloking to apply for Change of Status to F1 as i will be going for a Masters course in the US, starting August 2016. I was issued the I 94 only until July 2016 because my old passport was due for expiry by that time. I have now got my passport re-issued. Please advise me on the following queries:


1. Do i must go back to India and return to US so i be issued a new I-94?


2. If i go for I-94 extension, how much time would it allow me to stay in US without going back to India and returning? Since i may not want to travel in middle of my 2 years graduate program.


3. Do i must get my I 94 extended first- before even applying for I-20 and COS to F1?


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