Will EAD for H4 be lost after I change my employer ?


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Hi All,


This is my first post here.


About me - I have spend 2.5 years on H1b and my employer may start processing GC in EB2 in a few months.



Requesting your guidance -


Say I have got i140 approved and my wife who is on H4 has got EAD since I have received i140.

If I change my employer,   will I have go thru the process of Perm and i140 again?

Will my wife lose her current EAD and she needs to wait till I get my i140 approved again?




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Rahul are you sure the EAD will be lost.


if principle applicant (H1) has status and the previous I140 is not revoked... then can we use the existing EAD to work..? 


However no doubt the perm and I140 has to be reapplied with new employer..

EAD will be valid as long as I140 is valid. I didn't mentioned anything about EAD in my response.

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