H1B, Hold case 221G & Refusals 214B


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I had attended the via interview on 1st March 2016

The VO asked few basic questions then asked about my job description at client place, though it was mentioned in the 'Schedule C' document, VO was not convinced

He did not ask for any other documents, handed the blue card 221g with administrative processing block checked

Now I got to know that. The refusal was based on 214b (I checked the clause for 214b), he never asked any questions on that clause to me or my spouse

It's already a month passed, The client will not wait anymore for that position

I don't know what exactly is needed from me, let me know whatever the document is needed

Now I got the the 'Schedule C' also updated from the client as expected by the VO

As per the latest information, the status is updated with 'Hold case/221 G & Refusals/214B'

But, when I check "http://chennai.usconsulate.gov/mobile//refused-or-pending-visa.html"

It says,

If your visa was refused 214(b), it means your application has been denied. This decision cannot be appealed. However, you may reapply by following the visa application process you used for the first application. You must again pay fees and make an appointment. A different officer will hear your case. Please review the information on the refusal letter you received at the time of your interview.

Please suggest weather I should wait for approval from consulate or take a fresh visa appointment

It's been 40days since I've attended the visa interview

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