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Hello Team,


       I just received my I-140 approval through my current employer X. My priority date is in Feb, 2015. I am willing to change employer, so that I can be with my family.


       Do I need to serve my current employer X for at least 6 months, before I change the employer in order to retain my priority date, or can I change anytime if I get a new Employer, which is interested to transfer H1B and file GC.


Please help.

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Hello Experts,


I have approved I-140 with Company A, I-140 approved in July 2015. I am planning to join Company B, Company B transferring my H1-B, Based on the current approved I-140 I will be getting 3 years of extension with Company B. Assume I joing Company B after H1-B transfer is approved and got 3 years of extension.


If Company B don't file my GC for next 3 years and Company A revoked my I-140 after I move to company B, Is it possible for Company B to get another h1-b visa extension for me based on my Priority Date?
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