F-1 Students: Beware of Unscrupulous Schools


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This week, Murthy Law Firm attorneys will answer questions regarding how to avoid enrolling in an unscrupulous university that may cause you to violate your F-1 or M-1 status.


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 3. The attorney will not necessarily answer every question posted and may provide a single answer to a group of similar questions.


 4. Please do not provide information which would identify any specific company, university or individual. 

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    It would also help if the forum admin wouldn't block out the names of some of these unscrupulous schools.

    People like me have warned about them for years, and having the names blocked makes that much harder.


That's a fair point. But, I'd like you to understand why we put this policy in place. The reason we don't want specific institutions named is that, in most situations, we have no way of verifying the information posted. For instance, is Poster X says that University Y is shady, perhaps that's true. Or, maybe Poster X felt he had been wronged by the university and simply wants to sully its name. Or, maybe Poster X thought the university was acting unscrupulously, when, in fact, it was complying with some legal requirement the poster did not understand.

And, this is not just theoretical. As I'm sure you're aware, there was much discussion beginning this past December regarding F-1 students from India, nearly all of whom were going to be attending one of two universities, were being prevented from being admitted to the U.S. As many media outlets claimed, these schools were on a "black list". This turned out to be untrue. (There actually is no such "black list"; a school is either SEVP certified or it's not.) And, to this day, those schools have not been shut down and they remain SEVP certified. (I do not know much about those schools, or their practices; so I am not defending them. Just pointing out that there are reasons to potentially not want to be a party to the spreading of misinformation.)

I have no problem with people specifically naming a school that has been shut down, raided, etc (or, for that matter, set up as a fake school by ICE!) But, by and large, what we found were people naming schools, claiming they were bad actors, but providing no real evidence to support the claim.

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