May 10 - H1B Visa Stamping in Vancouver


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  • 1 month later...

Successful Visa interview at Vancouver,Canada on 05/10/2016.

After the security checks are completed, I was directed to Counter 6 (Non-Immigrant Visas)

RM)Hello Officer , Good Morning, How are You..?

VO) Hello, Can I have your documents..?

RM) Here you go (I handed over my passport and i-797)

VO)Are you currently in Us..? How long you have been working in United states..?

RM)Yes, I have been working since 6 years with Elan Technologies Inc.

VO)Can I have your previous passport please..?

RM)Sure, Here you go.

VO)What is your Title..?

RM)Senior System Analyst.

VO)Did your Employer filed a GreenCard for you ..?


VO)Is your I-140 approved..?

RM)Yes (I tried to take out the copy of I-140, she said not required at this moment)

VO)How much you are being paid..?

RM)75K Per Annum.

VO)Alright all lookg good, You Visa is Approved.(she handed over a “Know you Rights” brochure and asked me to read it carefully).You will get an email with the details of your passport pickup.Have a Good Day..

RM)Thank you, Have a Good Day.

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