H1B Extension and port of entry


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Looking for your comments and guidance on my below case.


My H1B details:


·         My visa is valid till September 2017 (stamped against old petition)

·         After amendment I got new petition which is valid till (My current petition) June 2016

·         I did my first port of entry in US on Oct 2015 & got I-94 which is valid till September 2017 (got as per current stamped visa)

·         Since last six month (Oct 2015 to till date) I am working in US at client location as per my current petition.

·         In Feb 2016, my employer applied for Extension in normal process & I have got receipt number for same.


My Case - I am travelling to India in July 2016 & planned to come back to resume my work on 29th July 2016.


Questions: If I don’t get extension approval notice before my travel to India …..


·         Is it safe to travel to India ….will it creating any problem for current extension which is in process?


·         While coming back to US – is it safe or allowed to do port of entry with [Valid visa + extension applied receipt number + my current I-94?


·         Does it impact my I-94? What will be a new validity since I am yet receive my extension approval?

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